A new book that helps you build a UX Center of Excellence and helps you bypass organizational hurdles, ditches, dips, and dings that most UX efforts involve. Stop stumbling, and sail to peak UX performance. Read this book.

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Peak UX:
Getting to UX organizational excellence


1. Decisions
  1. Design decisions- human, system or ego centered?
  2. Business decisions and UX- product/service/experiences
  3. Types of UX Management styles: What’s right for your org?
  4. Characteristics of Outside-In design decision-making
  5. How to support critical decisions that UX needs
2. Meetings
  1. Relationships: What UX people need
  2. Stakeholders: How to bridge gaps
  3. Types of meetings & workshops
  4. Facilitating Workshops & Deliverable sharing
  5. Sprint teams: working with Agile & Lean UX
3. Power
  1. Critical Decisions: product/service and user
  2. Process leadership: UX vs Engineering vs Product Management
  3. Roles & Org Chart positioning pros & cons
  4. Hiring UX Managers, Designers & Researchers
  5. Mistakes manager typically make with hiring
  6. Managing & negotiating UX teams: Do’s & Don’ts
4. Process
  1. Prototyping
    1. Wireframes (Design Studios and Sprints)
    2. Culture of Prototyping
  2. Validating
    1. Testing essentials
    2. Understanding Desirability
  3. Creating & Maintaining Design Systems
    1. Style guides- Culture of value-add to Dev/ Product M.
    2. Why Design Systems?
    3. Governance and Design System
  4. Personas
    1. Developing evidence-based personas
    2. Socializing and using personas- Culture of behavioral insight
    3. Managing persona development
  5. Journey Maps
    1. Developing evidence-based journey maps
    2. Collaboration and Organizational change
    3. Managing & measuring Journey Map results
  6. Design Sprints
    1. How to use Design Sprints across projects
    2. Design Sprint musts: hacks to Google Ventures process
    3. Managing Design Sprints vs UX activities going forward
5. Work
  1. Design- interaction + visual design
    1. Measuring results of Design culture
    2. Auditing your UX work activities
    3. UX innovation critical keys
  1. Research- testing and needs gathering
    1. Recruiting target users
    2. Getting comfortable with qualitative research
    3. Framing your research objectives & outcomes
  1. Generating value
    1. Design-led orgs- differentiating factors
    2. Functional vs. emotional value for customers & stakeholders
6. Learning
  1. Space to breathe: Roles & Retrospectives
  2. Space to learn: Formal vs Informal Training &’ brown bags’
  3. Space to think: Varied experiences- sparking cognitive diversity
7. Culture
  1. Steps to growing a culture of UX
  2. Building & growing a DesignOps practice
  3. Building & growing a ResearchOps practice
  4. Evangelizing UX throughout the organization
8. Measurement
  1. ROI & getting the business case for UX right
  2. ‘Right problem’ definition
  3. Defining your business and user objectives
  4. Scorecards and a culture of tracking and measuring ROI
9. Celebration
  1. Team durability, repeatability and scalability
  2. Team identity: space & time needs
  3. How teams celebrate UX gains
10. Growth
  1. Auditing your UX maturity
  2. Developing a realistic Roadmap
  3. Hacking growth: moving to and sustaining Peak UX
  4. Troubleshooting- Repair and Elevate
  5. Creating a UX Transformation Plan

From Founder of Award-Winning UX Consultancy Experience Dynamics

Frank Spillers

Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For over 20 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, Senior UX practitioner and UX Master Trainer. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of websites, web applications, VR/AR and mobile apps and services.

My Story

Inspiring UX Excellence

Frank Spillers is the founder of award-winning UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. His work focuses on competitive UX differentiation from an interface, to how organizations approach UX design and research. Starting out in the mid-’90s in VR usability, Spillers has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, mobile, products, and sites with conversion lifts up 83% and increases in revenue 200%. His work has transformed interfaces as well as organizational approaches to repeat UX success for Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Logitech, and The World Bank.

UX Leader, Trainer, Consultant, Researcher, Designer

  • Highly experienced UX Designer/Researcher and UX leader with a focus on ROI of UX.
  • Founder of award-winning User Experience consulting firm (Experience Dynamics).
  • UX Master Trainer- trained over 300 teams and over 10,000 UX students globally (with Interaction Design Foundation).
  • User Experience consultant and leader in UX/UI and User Centered Design (UCD).
  • Expert Interaction Designer, UI and User Researcher, Service Designer.
  • Improved website customer conversion by 83%; improved revenue by 200%.
  • 22 years of Enterprise UX experience with Fortune 500 clients including Nike, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Capital One.


Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Spillers is a Subject Matter Expert in UX Design; UX Management; Accessibility; Emotion Design; Service Design; Localization UX; Lean UX; VR/ AR Design.

Frank  has developed ground-breaking research and design approaches in UX research, mobile apps, VR/AR and healthcare/ wellness. 


Localization of Mobile Payment Systems: Cultural and Temporal Rhythms in User Adoption

publication date 2018  ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-6437-9/18/09

Soundspace: Toward Accessible VR…Spatial Navigation and Collaboration for Blind Users

publication date  2017 5th ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (SUI 2017) conference held in Brighton, UK

Motivation and user engagement in fitness tracking: heuristics for mobile healthcare wearables

publication date 2017  Informatics – Special Issue Smart Health

Does social user experience improve motivation for runners? A diary study comparing mobile health applications

publication date 2014  Proceedings of the 16th International conference on Human-Computer Interaction-HCI International 2014

Social user experience for effective mobile advertising

publication date 2014   Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology 3rd edition, edited by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, IGI Global

Designing mobile advertising: User experience factors for enhancing user adoption

publication date 2013  ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review

Help me relax! Biofeedback and gamification to improve interaction design in healthcare

publication date 2012  8th International conference on Design & Emotion, London

Getting in the Mood: The role of mood in product design and interaction

publication date 2010  Proceedings of the Seventh Bi‐annual Conference on Design and Emotion.

“Synch with me”: Rhythmic interaction as an emerging principle of experiential design.

publication date 2008  Sixth Bi-annual Conference on Design and Emotion. Hong Kong, China

Emotion as a Cognitive Artifact and the Design Implications for Products That are Perceived As Pleasurable

publication date 2004  Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Design and Emotion. Ankara Turkey

Temporal attributes of shared artifacts in collaborative task environments

publication date 2003  Workshop on the Temporal Aspects of Tasks (HCI 2003)

Task Analysis through Cognitive Archeology

publication date 2003  The Handbook of Task Analysis for Human-Computer Interaction Laurence Erlbaum Associates

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